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Dienstag, 17. April 2007
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Critical attributes of a WebQuest according to Bernie Dodge

Donnerstag, 14. Dezember 2006
WebQuests of either short or long duration are deliberately designed to make the best use of a learner's time. There is questionable educational benefit in having learners surfing the net without a clear task in mind, and most schools must ration student connect time severely. To achieve that efficiency and clarity of purpose, WebQuests should contain at least the following parts:


An introduction that sets the stage and provides some background information.


A task that is doable and interesting.


A description of the process the learners should go through in accomplishing the task. The process should be broken out into clearly described steps.


A set of information sources needed to complete the task. Many (though not necessarily all) of the resources are embedded in the WebQuest document itself as anchors pointing to information on the World Wide Web. Information sources might include web documents, experts available via e-mail or realtime conferencing, searchable databases on the net, and books and other documents physically available in the learner's setting. Because pointers to resources are included, the learner is not left to wander through webspace completely adrift.